Outplacement is an approach that needs to be well undertaken in order to effectively help a dismissed employee find a job. According to a Syntec study in 2016, nearly 84% of individuals in an outplacement process find a new job. Why is it important to know how to support employees in their outplacement process?

What exactly is outplacement?

Carried out by a firm specializing in human resources, outplacement, also called professional reclassification, constitutes a process of supporting employees made redundant in professional mobility. It appeared in France in the 80s and 90s and aims to promote a rapid return to employment. Optional during an individual dismissal, the outplacement process is mandatory when the company provides for a job protection plan.


How do outplacement services work?

An outplacement process is essential for an employee who is in a phase of individual dismissal because it will help him obtain new professional opportunities. The role of the outplacement consultant has transformed over the years with the evolution of the job search strategy. Digitization, the development of social networks and in particular of the university alumni network have given way to outplacement 2.0.

Before, outplacement consultants mainly offered technical assistance to employees, particularly by helping them write their CVs. Today, they have adapted to help employees in the search for a job corresponding to their skills and professional wishes. Beyond being consultants, they have become coaches.

Outplacement firms set up their support process by going through the following major stages: assessment, project, documentation, development of an action plan, implementation of research techniques employment and finally the negotiation of a new employment contract. The firm follows the employee from the end of his employment contract, during his job search until the signing of a new contract.

What are the advantages of outplacement?

Using an outplacement firm is beneficial for the laid-off employees of a company. After their dismissal, they can move on to a new position quickly thanks to coaching. This support gives employees the opportunity to clarify their professional project, expand their network and quickly understand their target market. Outplacement also allows laid-off employees to obtain assistance in finding a job that matches their skills and professional experience, as well as in maintaining or increasing their remuneration.

Thus, it is important to support employees in their outplacement process so that they can maintain a quality profile, integrate a new company as soon as possible and limit their time on unemployment as much as possible. It is useful to increase efficiency and strengthen this support, in particular by using our solution for outplacement firms.

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Jean-Christophe ROCHE, Co-founder of xLearn