Interview management

Professional interviews, annual interviews, evaluation interviews, 360 ...

Interviews, feedback, evaluation, 360 ... These are all useful elements for employee career management and the company's HR strategy which are however difficult to use on a daily basis! Our solution simplifies the management of interview campaigns but also their use a posteriori during the people review, the construction of the training plan and the choices of future recruitments.

Simplified campaign management

Choice of types of campaigns> evaluation, career, 360 ° ...

Management of participants and the allocation of managers or interlocutors

Automated participant information emails

Personalization of questions

Choice of contact> employee, manager, N + 2 manager

Formation of questions> free text, multiple choice, date, skills review ...

Optional questions or not

Advanced post-interview monitoring dashboards

Campaign monitoring> response rate, monitoring of validations

Global performance monitoring

Identification of skills to be strengthened to facilitate the construction of the training plan

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enjeu RH

A real challenge for Human Resources

Beaucoup de temps perdu pour les managers et un exercice difficile si l'on souhaite que celui-ci soit utile pour le collaborateur et l'entreprise

Une source de déception pour les salariés faut d'actions concrètes réalisées à l'issues des entretiens ou du manque de visibilité sur l'exploitation des échanges

Trop d’informations difficilement exploitables par les RH : Beaucoup de champs texte, une absence d'harmonisation des pratiques entre les managers...

xLearn accompanies you

Simplifies the development of assessment and interview grids

Offers a dashboard to manage campaigns: campaign progress rate, monitoring of consolidated and individual responses

Structure and analyze all the information collected in order to allow efficient use by the HR teams


Thanks to our agile tool, optimize and get the most out of interviews and feedback

For HR teams

Customizable templates: professional interview, post-project feedback, 360 ° evaluation, peer-to-peer, satisfaction survey ...

Real-time action monitoring

For managers

Interview guides to structure discussions

Consolidation of team skills

Goal tracking

For employees

Interview guides to structure discussions

Consolidation of team skills

Goal tracking

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Annual individual and professional interviews are mandatory!

Since the law of March 5, 2014, each employee benefits from a professional interview with his employer every two years. The law requires that the employee has benefited over the past six years from at least two of the following three measures: training, validation of prior experience (VAE) or salary or professional progression.

In companies with at least 50 employees, any employee who has not benefited from a professional interview or at least two of these three measures will see their personal training account (CPF) matched by 3,000 euros by the employer. An obligation of professional maintenance to carry out a balance sheet every 6 years which can therefore lead to a very costly sanction for the company. However, these rules have changed since January 1, 2019, in fact, adjustments are possible by collective agreement. This concerns the frequency of professional interviews and the methods of assessing professional career. In order not to penalize companies that have complied with the applicable rules since 2014, a transitional period has been set. In practice, until December 31, 2020, employers will not have to top up the CPF of employees who have not had a professional interview or training but have obtained a VAE or a salary or professional progression.

A professional interview is devoted to a summary of the employee's professional career, their qualifications, training and internal or external mobility (article L6315-1 of the Labor Code), reconciling the interests of the company and those of the employee. It should in no case relate to the evaluation of the employee's work. The professional interview differs from the annual assessment interview which is part of a managerial practice, unlike the professional interview which is a legal obligation. Since the law of March 5, 2014, all employees must have recourse to this professional interview every 2 years, regardless of the size of the company.