How to accompany the business strategy?

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A real challenge for Human Resources

Assess your employees' skills and adapt the organization

Anticipate tomorrow's needs (tomorrow's jobs, retirements, etc.)

Structure and support internal mobility

xLearn accompanies you

Automatically matches employee profiles with internal opportunities

Consolidates and analyzes HR data in real time

Detects and assesses the soft skills and aspirations of employees

xlearn vous accompagne

Thanks to our agile tool, anticipate operational needs

For HR teams

Consolidation of HR data and monitoring of KPIs

Predictive analysis of needs and skills

For managers

Identification of skills for projects and missions

Internal recruitment and intra-group mobility

For employees

Personalized suggestions for training, positions, projects

Help in building a professional project

Strategic Workforce Planning: changes in the world of work and their impact on employee skills

Strategic Workforce Planning is an essential building block to support the transformation brought about by the era of platforms (Amazon, Uber, etc.). To enable HR teams to be more active contributors to the definition of the medium and long term strategy, they must develop their "data" culture in order to obtain metrics supporting their message to the CEO, such as what a CFO or CIO could do. However, while HR has data, it is unstructured, often spread across different HR ISs and Excel / Word files, and hardly usable as it is.

It is therefore essential to support the development of employees' skills towards these new professions by identifying potential candidates for this "re-skilling" and by offering them opportunities - training, project or position - and implementing them. To carry out this process successfully, the employee must be an actor in their career.

New tools are revolutionizing human resource management. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these tools go beyond "simple" administrative management of employees (payroll, holidays, etc.) to provide value-added advice and guide HR, managers and employees on their careers. Algorithms, AI and big data do not replace human exchanges between the manager and his employee.

For more information regarding this matter, you will find our full article in "le Mag RH n°5 – March 2019"