xLearn helps your teams in boosting their talents

Our SaaS platform uses Artificial intelligence to match your employee’s profiles with internal career opportunities

Plan and design the HR strategy

Forward-looking management of jobs and skills to respond to changing business lines. The skills development plan to plan the different actions.

Assist employees in the construction of the career path

Mobility management, individualization of training paths, career interviews and evaluation to support employees.

Performance RH

Monitor HR performance and support the jobs

Boost and support the transformation of your company to manage the permanent changes related to new professions, tools and skills.

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What we can do for you!



Easily adapt to the changing socio-economic environment of your company !

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parcours de formation

Individualization of training paths

Anticipate the changes of your jobs and offer jobs corresponding to every person’s skills

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gestion mobilité

Mobility management

Boost your internal mobility and the management of career paths!

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plan développement

Development plan

Boost your internal mobility and the management of career paths!

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A modular HR solution to meet all of your issues

pilotage RH

Indicator HR

Assist your company in its jobs evolution, its tools and its skills !

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identité collaborateurs

The identity card of your employees

Find the profiles and the skills of your employees thanks to our directory 2.0

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gestion entretien

Interviews management

Optimize and take advantage of interviews and feedbacks!

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Assist your company it its Employment protection plan

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Your problems

Exploit HRIS Data

Use HRIS data to build and sustain a repository of skills over time

Develop the internal Mobility

Monitor employees who have difficulty identifying career prospects internally (next mobility, relevant training)

Boost the performance review

Collect employee expectations and manage training on a day-to-day to present an understandable report to managemen

GPEC & Strategic Workforce Planning

Generate a map of skills that can be used by HR teams (training plan, succession, etc.) management (strategic review of workforce)

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